Bucket List (trip planning made easy!)

You can check out the app here!

Screenshot from the app

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  1. Landing ( -Navbar -API rendering -Index of trips -Countdown )
  2. Trip Itinerary/Planner ( -Navbar -Index of All Trips within Itinerary -Add Trips )
  3. Trip Details ( -Navbar -Edit each individual trip under Trip Details )

Ice Box Features

  • Connect to an API in order to actually book travel.
  • Overlay Points of Interest onto the map.
  • Incorporate a country counter, to keep track of where you have been.
  • Incorportate Socket.IO in order to have a real-time chat with other users.
  • Add the ability to invite friends to join your trip, and plan collaboratively.
  • Add friends, and be able to see pictures your friends have posted.

Technologies Used

MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Triposo API @material-ui/icons @material-ui/core Tinder Cards

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